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    Please follow the steps to ensure that it is not a simple memory error before posting a thread.
    Follow the steps, if you end up on step 6 fill in the format completely to aid in the support process.

    Step 1
    Locating Crash Reports (Windows):

    Press Windows Key + R
    Type in %appdata% and press enter
    Enter .technic > modpacks > Tekkify > crash-reports
    Open the most recent log (usually the bottom)
    CTRL + F OutOfMemory

    Text found, proceed to step 2.
    Text not found, proceed to step 6.

    Step 2
    The issue is the launcher cannot open Tekkify as there is not enough memory assigned.
    Assign more memory through the TechnicLauncher settings


    Able to assign more than 1GB? 2GB should be fine and you should now be able to launch Tekkify
    Unable to assign more than 1GB? Proceed to step 3

    Step 3
    If you are unable to assign more memory you are running a 32bit version of Java, first you need to confirm whether your OS will support the 64bit version needed.

    Enter Control Panel > System and pull up your system settings

    If you are running a 64bit OS proceed to step 4
    If you are running a 32bit OS proceed to step 5

    Step 4

    Uninstall any java version you have via the control panel.
    Install the 64bit version from here. Revert to Step 2

    Step 5

    It's unfortunate but at this time we're currently unable to support users running 32bit and limited to assigning 1GB memory.

    Step 6
    You are not facing a memory error please complete the following format and post a thread for our Technicians to look into.
    Locating your crash reports and logs
    Please use the following steps to find your logs and crash reports and upload them to one of the following:

    Windows OS

    1. Press Windows Key + R
    2. Type in %appdata%
    3. Enter .technic > modpacks > Tekkify > crash-reports
    4. Open the most recent log (usually the bottom)
    5. Copy and paste it at one of the above pastebin sites
    6. Post a link here
    MAC OS

    1. Click Finder
    2. Press Command+Shift+G
    3. Copy/Paste this: ~/Library/Application Support/
    4. Find Technic Folder
    5. Find Tekkify Folder
    6. Find Crash log of most recent crash log
    7. If not use most recent forge log
    8. Copy and paste it into a bin at one of the above pastebin sites
    9. Post link on Forums
    Locate what the cause of your error may be specifically:
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