Recruiting Byzantine Empire Clan Thread

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    The Byzantine Empire is a clan that likes to be involved, you'll often see it's members participating in server activities or in the global chat. It is important to note that we do not restrain vulgarities in our clan chat, so those sensitive to that need not apply.

    Benefits include:
    • Free (RF or any other mod's) power, food, resources
    • Free protected area in clan
    • Clan Discord

    Our Leader: Constantine_XII
    Crown Prince: Vader0629
    Our Patrikios: Jazz007, ditto56, CharaGarlnad, and Vader0629

    Map 4: Ender Factories founded
    Map 5: EF grows
    Map 6: Roman Empire founded, EF still separate
    Map 7: Roman Empire renamed to Holy Roman Empire, high relations between EF and HRE.
    Map 8: EF and HRE merge into USSR, create the sprawling city of Vladizemlya
    Map 9/10: USSR attempts a mega city on Flux, efforts stagnate.
    Map 11: Iosephurbs and Dittroit are USSR's capital and industrial city, respectively.
    Map 12: Small mountain town of Vladisurbem settled.
    Map 13: We managed to be the first clan to mars in the first Tekkify map with Galacticraft.
    Map 14: We've renamed our clan back to HRE, to fit our government style more.
    Tekkify 2016-2017 Pause: We renamed the clan to the Byzantine Empire.

    • As mentioned in the introduction, this clan likes to be involved with the happenings of the server.
    • We also have almost 0 restriction of our clan chat, and often joke about or discuss real life events. As such we generally suggest a minimum age of 14, though exceptions are makeable.
    • While we do attempt to be a major player in the servers economy, it is not often a high priority for us. Going off of that one could say we are more of a community clan than a Minecraft one.
    • We do have a separate Discord server, and a Steam group.

    • Do not build on/near clan land without permission from a leader
    • Anything built on/near clan land shall give permission & build trust to a leader
    • Activity should be maintained, you may be kicked after 1 month of unexcused absence.
    • Upon leaving the clan for any reason besides an inactivity kick, you are expected to remove anything of yours from the clan's area
    • Do not excessively take from clan supplies without asking
    • An accepted Application may also have a trial phase of being in this clan, in which we may remove you from the clan if we deem you not fit for us. If you are removed in this fashion, you will have all the time you need to retrieve anything you may have put on clan lands. This period will most likely be short, but does not have a definite time limit.

    Username (In-Game and Discord):
    What can you bring to the clan?
    What mods are you familiar with?
    Previous Clans?
    How long have you played Tekkify?
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    petition to rename to Boozantine Empire?
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    I mean if BOO wants to merge and Jose wants to ;)
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    Oh dear I remember when I used to be in USSR. Don't remind me of these times ew.. jk :)
    Username: Ronzabchu (My name used to be 'ihatestorm' You might remember me :) )
    Age: 17
    What can you bring to the clan? Umm. I actually don't know? Resources?
    What mods are you familiar with? Umm. Tinkers' Construct? I suck...
    Previous Clans? I used to be in USSR. Think I was in some other clans but I can't remember. ;-;
    How long have you played Tekkify? I started around mid 2014 or something. Think I might have played a bit in 2013.
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