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What would you prefer to happen with tool level up

  1. +1 Modifiers

  2. New random modifier

  3. Nothing, but still level up (Bragging rights)

  4. Turn off tool experience

  1. JayLocke

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    With TiC merging with iguana tweaks, tools can level up. What effect would you prefer this to have on gameplay if it was your choice?
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  2. JolyGoodDay

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    I thought it was just a different mod now, not merged. Which "Tinker Tool Leveling" is very balanced with default settings. (Edit: well the sharpening kits and the ability to embed parts, are similar to the mob heads and part replacement of the past)

    Every level up gets 1+ modifier (unless a modifier cap is set), but the next level requires 2x the experience.

    Default: is 500 starting XP for level 1, with no level cap.

    First +3 levels are 500+1,000+2,000 xp.
    To get +3 more you would need to get 4,000+8,000+16,000 xp.
    To get +3 more you would need to get 32,000+64,000+128,000 xp.
    +9 levels, +9 modifiers, and 255,500 Xp

    Currently as far as I know Tinkers removed the +1 modifier item combos (Diamond golden block, ect) from 1.7 and maybe 1.10. Which in the past was an easy +3 modifiers.

    IGT gave you +1 modifiers at levels 2, 4, 6. XP was much more complex, with different base XP based on tool. But default multiplier was only like 1.2, so with a base durability of 500 you would hit level 6 with just 5,000 XP, and with +3 modifiers from items you would have +6 with like 26,000 less xp.

    All that said I would wager the xp counting system is different for both mods, and I probably got some facts wrong. But all in all my opinion is as such, Tinkers got allot more balanced and the new tool leveling mod is allot more balanced right out of the box. Yes you can get like +20 modifiers but only if you get half a billion experience.
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